Sunday, 4 December 2016

Mountain Majesty Quilt- Ta Da!

I finished this quilt a month ago but have only just got around to posting about it. The blocks were made by myself and the now defunct Together circle of do.good stitches. The bee members were already depleted and then some of them dropped out , so it folded but the remaining members have now joined up with the Comfort circle, so all was not lost. A couple of my friends  ( Jo and Sue) stepped up and helped me out by making more blocks so I could get it finished.

I asked for solids only blocks in bright colours using Bonnie Hunters pattern and I'm delighted with it, it's so cheerful!

I used a extra wide back ( always so much easier) and a plain navy blue Kona cotton for the binding.

I quilted it  with a gold Glide thread in a variation of Angela Walters woodgrain pattern.

I love this quilting pattern, it gives such lovely texture.

This quilt is number 7 on my FAL Q4 list and is destined as another quilt for Siblings Together. 

Quilt Stats
Pattern: Mountain Majesties by Bonnie Hunter
Size: 57 x 68 inches
Blocks made by Together Circle
Back: Riley Blake wideback in turquoise
Wadding : 100% cotton from roll
Binding : Kona midnight
Quilted using Wonderfil decobob in pale yellow in bobbin and Filtec Glide in Military Gold on top

2016 FAL

Monday, 17 October 2016

Maker's Tote

I was very impressed at the Simply Solids retreat by the gorgeous Maker's Totes that a number of people had made. I've made shopping totes before but not anything resembling a 'proper ' bag, so I thought I'd give one ago.  Here is the result:

The only fabric I had enough of was this Cotton and Steel fabric that originally I was going to use for  a Place for everything bag. I still want to make one of these, so I'll have to order some more fabric.
This was the first time I'd inserted this type of zip for the concealed pocket. I found it reasonably straight forward, though tricky to roll the edge inside with the thickness of the Bosal ( some trimming was required). I decided to omit the front pocket as I'd never use it.

 It was also the first time I'd put a top zipper in like this with zipper tapes. Again, it was reasonably straight forward.

The most difficult parts of the construction were inserting the gussets and attaching the binding  round the curves. Somehow I managed it, but it was tricky.
It's a very roomy bag and I'm pleased with it. If I make another one, I'll use a thicker/stiffer interlining in the gusset and also make the handles into shoulder straps. I much prefer to carry bags on my shoulder rather than with handles. I may even change the handles on this one if I can be bothered.
This is my first finish of FAL Q4 ( original list here )

FAL 2016

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Finish a long Q4

Hard to believe we are in the last quarter of the year. I didn't do at all well last quarter, with only 2 finishes. This was due to a number of factors but time to move on!

So here it is :
1) Maker's Tote
I saw so many beautiful examples of these at Simply Solids Retreat 2016 that I decided to make one of my own 

 This shouldn't take too long!

2) and 3)
I need to make 2 sew together bags as gifts.

This is one I made for Justine as a secret sewer gift.

3)Kindle Case
I had my kindle and cover stolen, so I need a new one for my new kindle.

4) I-Pad Cover
I'd like to make one of these as well

5) Siblings Together Quilt
This top needs to be quilted and bound

6) Scrappy quilt
I need to finish this quilt which I started in Simply Solids retreat.

7)Majestic Mountains quilt
I had started quilting this when I 'broke' the timing. I've had to unpick all the quilting and I'll have to start again

8) Make your own Magic
I started this in a class with Sarah Fielke at Simply Solids in July. It needs a fair bit of work!

9) Mid century modern quilt
This quilt top was a round robin made by myself and my Bumbling Honey bee mates. I'm thrilled with how it has turned out. Needs quilting and binding.

10) Another Siblings Together Quilt
The blocks for this quilt are being made this month by STQB. I hope to have it finished this quarter

These are all carried over from the previous quarters:
a) It's a wonderful world
b)Gnome quilt
c) Star quilt
d) Alison Glass triangle quilt

FAL 2016

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Lola Pouch

Just a quick post about my new Lola pouch, so I just get in under the wire for FAL Q3. I had seen many of these pouches by Sotak handmade on IG etc, so thought I'd better give it a go.
I've never made a pouch like this, with binding around the top before.

It wasn't difficult to make and the pattern instructions are very clear. I used a bit of Essex linen in blue and Liberty for the top section and the lining. The binding was a Cotton and Steel.

I have 2 gripes with the pattern, firstly the binding was too narrow, if I were to make it again I'd increase the width. Secondly, I really hate the way the zip ends. I followed the pattern measurements exactly and I just don't like how you have to grip the bag to get the zip to open.

I'm not sure if I'll make any more. Maybe I'll try the smaller size at some point.

This is number 7 on my original FAL Q3 list ( here).

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Friday, 9 September 2016

Juliette's Quilt

Juliette is my son Harri's girlfriend and she is absolutely lovely. Draped over  the sofa in London where my children live, is one of the first quilts I made and Juliette has always admired it ( even though I wince when I see it due to the dreadful piecing and quilting!)

So when I volunteered to make her a quilt , she asked for me to remake this quilt but with a lot more yellow in it (as this is her favourite colour). 

The block is fiddly to make and I've ended up with quite a few extra blocks . I've also made enough extra small hourglass blocks to make another quilt with the addition of some solid fabric. it was easier to make 2 identical hourglass blocks than to sew all those small triangles together.

So here is the finished quilt :

I managed to finish it in time for her birthday and she seems to like it! I made it on a sort of production line method with a lot of chain piecing. Even still, the blocks are only 6 inches square finished and towards the end I found it quite tedious. I also made too many blocks and cut up too much fabric into triangles  but these will be used for yet another quilt ( different from the hourglass blocks)

Quilt stats
Size: 72 x 72 inches
Pattern: Dalarna by Mariet Souethout- Mous in Quiltmania ( no 68)
Fabric front: mixture of quilting cottons including some Karen Lewis, Lizzy House, Jen Kingwell etc etc.
Back: Heather Ross Tiger Lily in canary ( cotton lawn rather than quilting cotton)
Binding: Lizzy House Natural History in raisin
Wadding: 100% cotton
Quilted with Glide in  Military Gold on top and decobob yellow  (138) on bottom

This was the final quilt I managed to quilt before my Handiquilter stopped working most likely because the timing is off. I'm waiting for it to be fixed.

This quilt was also in my FAL Q3 list ( no 2 ) so I will be linking up at the appropriate time. Sadly unless my machine is fixed soon, I'm not going to get much of my list done.

FAL 2016

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Jo's Blue Star Quilt

I haven't blogged for a while but I have several posts in my head that need to be written. I don't seem to have much motivation at the moment, don't know why but that's a different issue.
Anyway, some time ago now, the lovely Jo ( @joanne333jones on IG) told us that she was moving to Denver, Colorado with her husband's job. Jo has been a terrific bee mate since we met at the first FQR retreat in 2012 and we are all going to miss her terribly. So I did the obvious thing and thought we must make her a quilt. The pattern I chose was Kasbah Chic by no hats in the house which was published in Love Patchwork and Quilting, in her favourite blue colours.
In actual fact the pattern was an absolute bitch, even though the end result was fabulous. The templates provided for the corner segments gave very poor results and the half square rectangles ended up too small. We ended up paper piecing our own corner segments and fudging the rectangles. My fellow bee members were all cursing me for choosing this particular pattern and I was wondering if anyone tests these patterns.
We all met up in London in June  ( in Tate Modern for the Georgia O'Keefe exhibition) and were able to give the quilt to Jo.

I had such fun quilting this and trying to line up the front and back ! ( I didn't succeed but it's close enough).

I made a star label for the back.

And here is Jo holding up her quilt in the restaurant at Tate Modern. There were a few tears from all of us.

The blocks were made by myself, Jane @picosailors, Moira @ kettleboiler ( who also provided the binding), Sue @ suespatch12, Sue @justsewsue and Teresa @hillyfilly. We were all in the original Kinky Bees group which later became the FQR Bumbling Honeys quilt bee. 
We all wish Jo well in her new life in the USA and she will be back in a year or so, so it's not forever.
I'm really looking forward to visiting her in the future and getting the inside info on the best quilting shops in Denver.

Monday, 11 July 2016

FAL Quarter 3 list

In terms of the FAL I didn't do very well last quarter, only finishing one project on my list. I had of course done a lot of sewing, but it wasn't on the list ( a tonne of bee blocks and extras for sad reasons like #quiltsforjo and #quiltsforpulse, 2 quilts which I hadn't listed, additions to the wonderful round robin with #bumblinghoneys  and I quilted 3 siblings together quilts for other people)). It's difficult to know whether to add everything but the kitchen sink in these lists or keep it more realistic. As usual, I have more than I could possibly handle ( and of course I keep adding to it). Anyway, here it goes for this quarter.

1) Siblings Together Quilt using the final leftovers from the Kate and Birdie fabric donated by Moda 2 ish years ago.

2) Quilt for Juliette

I've got over half these blocks done and I'm making a big push to get them all finished. 

3)Triangle quilt

I've got the middle section of this quilt to do. I've got bored with it and need to motivate myself to just f ***ing do it!

4)Gnome quilt
This is a very slow burner. I add a little every now and then. I need to focus more..

5)It's a Wonderful world
No excuses, just need to finish it.

6) Star Quilt
No progress on this one

7)Lola Pouch
I have the pattern and the fabric.

8)Majestic Mountains
This is a Together@ do.good stitches quilt. I'm several blocks short but it should be a quick and relatively easy finish.

9)Bumbling Honeys Round Robin

I received this back from the wonderful bumbling honeys who have all made their own additions. I will write a separate blog about it, but I'm thrilled as it has exceeded all my expectations. I now just have to decide whether to add to it or leave it as it is. My son fancies it as a wall quilt so maybe just quilt and face it.

10) Scrappy quilt
I find it quite liberating to make something less structured than the quilts above. I have loads of orphan blocks and a huge pile of scraps, so I'll hopefully make another scrappy quilt this quarter.

I think that's enough. It's not everything by a long chalk, ( I have at least another 2 quilts set aside half finished and fabric for several more )

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