Friday, 31 March 2017

Mid Century Modern Quilt

A quick post to get this under the wire for FAL Q1. This is number 7 on my FAL Q1 list ( original here).
This quilt started life as a travelling quilt bee with the Bumbling Honeys quilt bee. We each made a starter block ( in theory anyway!) and it was posted around each bee member to add blocks according to our specifications. I specified a limited palette of solids only fabric in a mid century modern design. It more than exceeded my expectations, with some lovely touches.

Sadly I'm very disappointed by my quilting. It looks fantastic from a distance, and I used it as a practice piece. However, I was having tremendous tension problems and the back is dreadful. Fortunately , I'm going to use it as a wall hanging, so the back won't show.It's also quite small so perfect for this use.

Some of the quilting designs worked better than others. I'm not a fan of feathers and prefer the more graphic straight line style.

I added a binding in a black solid fabric which frames it well I think.

I've added a hanging sleeve to the back.

Quilt Stats
Size:46 x 44 inches
Front made from quilting bee blocks
Back : Kaffe Fassett 
Wadding: 100% cotton from roll
Quilted with Glide in grey on top and decob light grey on back
Binding : Bella black solid

Monday, 20 March 2017

Another Siblings Together Quilt

Many moons ago, when Lynne of Lily's Quilts set up the original Siblings Together Quilt Bee, I was given a bundle of Storybook by Kate and Birdie by Moda. I made 2 very similar quilts with this :

I was left with a large number of HST's and a small amount of fabric. I therefore made another quilt with these 'leftovers'

I had great fun arranging the HST's in a pattern I liked but ran out of HST's to make the central panel any bigger ( and I didn't have enough fabric to make any more). I did have a pile of small pieces however, so I added a border of squares ( with a bit of fudging). I also managed to stretch the background fabric to add another small edging border.

I quilted it fairly lightly with a dogwood pattern over the HST's, circles over the inner border and a zigzag over the final border. I used the cheater fabric, which came in the bundle to bind it but could only use a single fold binding in order to have enough fabric.

For the back, I used the last of the scraps and Ikea Nummers fabric

Quilt Stats
Size: 61 inches square
Front made with Kate and Birdie Storybook with white on white architextures by Carolyn Friedlander.
Back: Ikea Nummers fabric and scraps
Wadding: 100% cotton from roll
Binding: Cheater fabric from Storybook bundle
Quilted with Glide in Linen on the front, white Decobobs on back

This is on my FAL Q1 list ( original list here )

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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Red and White Quilt

This is another FAL Q1 finish ( no 14) ( original list here). Many moons ago I decided to make a red and white quilt but quickly lost interest, as is often the case. I should have been more organised and limited  the blocks to solid only white and red which, in retrospect , gives a more satisfying result, but of course, I didn't do that!. Anyway, I abandoned it . I recently decided to resurrect it as a quilt for Siblings Together rather than it languishing in my cupboard.

I rejected a couple of blocks I had made, because they didn't work, which left me with 8 blocks. I made a ninth block ( Ohio Star) and decided to add a large border rather than make more blocks.

I used the same border fabric for the back, fabric I had bought some time ago. My husband helpfully asked if I had cut up a table cloth to make the border.

I decided to quilt the middle of the quilt with sort of matchstick style quilting as I had not tried this before.The edges I quilted with a freehand swirl

To give it some sort of continuity I sashed the central nine blocks with Kona red and then bound it with the same Kona red.

Quilt Stats
Size: 57 inches square
Blocks made with a variety of red fabrics and Kona snow.
Wadding: 100% cotton from roll
Backing:Pristine Paisleyby Swirly Girl Designs for Moda Club House
Binding in Kona Red
Quilted with Glide in Linen on top and Decobob 80 wt in white in bobbin

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