Friday, 30 November 2012

November Roundup

These are the things I have made in November, more than I thought in fact.

I've now sent my sewing machine to be mended and I got out my old one. Tried to make a block with the old one but soon realised that I'd not got a 1/4 inch foot on the old one. Gosh, I hadn't realised how easy it makes life! Any more blocks will have to wait until I get my sewing machine back.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Another weekend

I actually wrote an entry a week ago, but being an idiot, I deleted it by mistake and I couldn't be bothered to rewrite it. So this is my attempt this week. Last week ( the one that got away!) I wrote about walking up Pen Y Fan which Mr Hare and I try to do as much as possible in order to improve our fitness levels. These are the photos from last weekend.

Mr Hare on Pont Y Dar
At the top of Corn Ddu
Brecon in the distance
Last weekend I also planted my Paperwhite Ziva's. Last year I planted them at the beginning of November, but they flowered well before Christmas, so this year I thought I'd leave it until a bit later.I've never had any success in keeping them for the next year. The two pots are now in the cellar for a few weeks for the roots to develop before I bring them into the house.

Here are last years bulbs looking very spindly.
This week it was raining too much to go for a walk, so instead I've been doing some sewing. I made a bag as a Christmas present for Jane. It was a real b****. I made every mistake in the book. Firstly my sewing machine is playing up big time. The tension is all to pot and the needle sort of clicks. So not the best time to make a quilt as you go bag
Then I sewed the top edging on and the inner zip and held the bag up. It was not hanging properly and then I noticed that I had sewn the whole thing on but twisted round by about an inch. So I had to take it all down and start again
I used Ayumi's lunchbag tutorial but made it bigger. I also replaced the drawstring top with a zipped closing.
I also made some Japanese + and x blocks for Sue, as she had made some for me.
I also made some blocks for Jo who is making a quilt for her aunt as her uncle is terminally ill.
I also sent off my parcel for the scrappy swap but haven't received mine in the post yet. I've really enjoyed doing this one but found it difficult to respond favourably to all the posts on Flickr because some of the items have not been to my taste at all. I've used the strategy of only responding to those I've liked and not saying anything if I don't like them.